It’s a Sad Blurb: Read at your own risk

It’s a flash. It’s a spark. It’s a glow. It’s a life

Each life is an individual masterpiece. Full of ups and downs and crazy roundabouts. We never know what’s coming our way. There is love and hate and great stories to tell. There is hard work and times of laziness. However, no matter how we live it, it’s a moment. A moment to change anything, from the whole world, to making one person’s day better. You don’t know who you are at the beginning, but you learn over time. Through friends and family and experiences. Everything isn’t always easy and occasionally you get bumped into the dark, where nothing seems to work out. Until a brilliant glow arrives, in a person, experience, or even, and everything is better. Life is worth living, but make sure to make it you own.

And then it’s gone. Just like that, the wonderful and brilliant spark is gone forever. You will never see it again. You will never be touched by its kindness again. You will never see it laugh again. You will never see it smile again. You will forever miss that one light that made your life a little brighter. You, however, must keep shining bright, no matter how much you want to put out your light too.

Hello Beautiful People,

The little blurb at the beginning of this entry was written approximately three and a half years ago when I was fifteen and my grandpa passed away. Unfortunately, two days ago, my grandmother, his wife, passed away as well. Weirdly enough, whenever I think this sentence in my head, I remember a time in second grade, or maybe fourth grade, when we were talking about grandparents. Most of my friends had all four at the time, but there were a few that had already lost their grandparents. I specifically remember thinking that this phenomenon would never happen to me. I would have all four grandparents, or none at all. Obviously I didn’t understand how death worked.

Anyway, I just wanted to share this with the outside world, so maybe I’ll well less lonely on the inside. That’s the unfortunate part about death, you experience it alone. Sure, you have your family there, but the grief that you experience is yours alone and no one can take it away from you you have to work through it yourself.

I’m sorry if any of you have lost someone that you love.

I understand what you’re going through.

Much love sent your way,

The Eternal Introvert


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