It’s an Introvert Thing

Hello Beautiful People,

I apologize for being gone for so long. Feel free to call off the search parties, I was only trying to finish up school with good grades all around.

Originally, the title of this entry was related to some other thought that was floating around in my mind, but I forget what that was, so bear with me.

It’s an introvert thing is a phrase associated with people who do not like human interaction, if it’s even used as a phrase. It’s clear to me that I’m an introvert, as the name of this blog states, however, I do not entirely relate to the meaning of this phrase. I actually enjoy human interaction, but I need time to be away and recharge. Wow, so then I’m not an introvert right? I won’t bore you by following this conversation through, because you’ve probably heard it before.

I believe I was going to talk about something to that effect in this entry. However, I want to write about how introverts are the best people you will ever meet.

Firstly, I think the best thing about introverts is once they completely open up to you. As an introvert, I know I love when I finally feel comfortable enough around someone to completely be myself. I naturally put on a bubbly persona so that I don’t scare people away, but I really love when I can but the mask away and just be myself around other people. Also, I have been on the other end with my friends who are introverts. They’re my favorite friends because they are so genuine and they don’t need you to be high energy to be good company.

Another great thing about us introverts, relating to the first fact, is that we get really attached. Although, that can also be a bad thing. Our relationships are either completely solidified or completely a mess. The specific example I am thinking of is when I start crushing on someone. I get very attached very quickly because I want to get to that stage of real friendship right away. However, these relationships always end up as a mess for me because I come on too strong and scare the guy away. It also makes it completely impossible for me to go from being friends, with the guy I like, to being more than friends. On the opposite side, I know I’m a really good friend, or at least I think so, because I’m obsessed with my friends. I’m always looking to do things for them to make their day a little bit brighter.

The third thing that makes us so awesome, is that even if we are attached, we won’t stalk you. I’m not clingy, I just appreciate spending time with my friends. I also need alone time occasionally to read, or to write on my blog…

A fourth thing is that we are great listeners, and will almost never interrupt you when you’re telling us something. Just remember tat we might have something to say too, because we will not butt in, but we definitely want to be part of the conversation.

There are of course many more things, but I think, for now, those are the most important. Spread some love to the introverts around you!

Much Love,

The Eternal Introvert


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