Story Time Pt. 1

Hello beautiful people!

So, I have a story for you. Before hand I would like to tell you that these will not come often, seeing as I am an introvert (as you know) and I don’t tend to interact with people often.

Unfortunately when you come to college one of the biggest things you kind of need to do to survive is make friends. That’s how the world works. I will say I have more acquaintances than friends at my school right now, but for a little bit I thought I was building a squad. Now, the squad has pretty much dispersed in my opinion, but it’s partially because we’re all have really different schedules (or thats what we [they]😉  like to say).

Anyway, I had a really great rooming situation set up for next year. For once, I had everything picked out and ready to go. We were all completely ready to live with each other because that meant we wouldn’t have to go across campus to go hang out. We also were constantly complaining about how anyone else would bug us and we could only live with each other (I will admit to this, even though it shames me to do so). I was so excited because stuff like this never, and I mean NEVER works out for me. When I say that I mean, I can never put a group together because it always falls apart. So, it didn’t exactly surprise me when the group fell apart. It was only a week ago when they let me know that someone else “offered” them a room. Now keep in mind, this is college. All of the rooms cost the same, so the word “offer” really means nothing in this situation (#1 reason I’m mad). I was really upset, but I did my best to keep it under wraps once I let a tear or two spill. I then left and proceeded to eat an entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s (loml).

Now here is why I’m really pissed off. #2 (because I already did #1) I knew it was too good to be true but I got super invested in it anyway. It’s my own dumb fault for that one, but still. #3, they “felt super bad” about it. This isn’t to call out the girl who said this, she’s still my friend. I know that she gets really worked up over how other people feel about her, but it leads into #4. #4, there was an earlier issue with where exactly we were going to live. I had the best lottery number, so I basically got to pick our location. I honestly didn’t care about where I was going to live, I just wanted to live with them. Normally, I don’t tell people those things, but multiple times I said the exact phrase: “I don’t care where I live next year, I just want to live with you guys”. This is why #3 bothers me so much. If you really felt bad you would have remembered that I said that:).

Anyways, sorry for this story/rant. I’ve just been thinking about it a lot and I wanted to write it down so I could get it off my chest. Also, if you’ve been in a similar situation to this, I obviously relate, but remember that you’ve got me to turn to…if you want to.

Much Love (from a friendless nobody)

The Eternal Introvert


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