What’s the Word…

Hello Beautiful People,

So who wants to get into some heavy stuff today? Apparently, my brain does.

Today was another not-so-hot day. I kept throwing around the word depression in my head. I never know if this is just a noun that I know a lot about, or an adjective that I can use on myself.

I think it would be ironic if I could actually say that I am depressed, because I do not want to be. I would also like to affirm you that I’m not throwing around this term lightly. I have been close with people who have suffered from depression and I still have friends who suffer from it. I also think that it is a legitimate mental problem, even though some don’t think that it is.

Anyway, ever since October of last year (2016), I’ve been tossing around the idea that maybe I’m depressed. However, I’ve never been able to say that I’m completely depressed. Some days (like today) I’m just more sad than others and those were the days when I though “yup, I’m depressed”. Then there are some days when everything is great and I feel like a Disney princess. So, where am I?

There’s no real word to describe the place between being sad and being depressed. There is right reason for that, since one is a feeling and one is more serious than just a feeling, but I know I need that in-between term. I feel the need to be able to describe my occasional complete sadness as something more than that.

But what does it really matter.

Let me know how you feel about this.

Much Love❤️

The Eternal Introvert


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