Story Time Pt. 1

Hello beautiful people! So, I have a story for you. Before hand I would like to tell you that these will not come often, seeing as I am an introvert (as you know) and I don't tend to interact with people often. Unfortunately when you come to college one of the biggest things you kind... Continue Reading →


What’s the Word…

Hello Beautiful People, So who wants to get into some heavy stuff today? Apparently, my brain does. Today was another not-so-hot day. I kept throwing around the word depression in my head. I never know if this is just a noun that I know a lot about, or an adjective that I can use on... Continue Reading →

Put On a Happy Face

Hello all you beautiful people, Thank you for gracing my blog with your presence! So, today has been a little rough. When you go to college, you expect that school is going to be harder than it was before, but you never expect it to be hard the way it does. On a certain level,... Continue Reading →

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